Choosing the right pillow for your head can ease the pain from a headache. However, the wrong one can make the problem worse. The best pillow should balance support and comfort, cradling your head without creating any pressure points. In addition, it should be high-lofted to allow air to circulate through the pillowcase and keep you cool throughout the night. It should also support all parts of your head equally. Otherwise, you may develop pressure points and discomfort.

Cervical-support pillows, which support the neck and spine, can ease headache pain. Studies have shown that these pillows are effective in easing neck tension and giving the neck better range of motion. These pillows are also ideal for back sleepers. They come with a microfiber cover, which prevents the pillow from becoming too hot or too cold. Besides easing the pain from a headache, these pillows are also good for migraine sufferers.

Choosing a Pillow to Help With Headaches and Migraines

While selecting a pillow for headaches and migraines, you must keep in mind your needs and preferences. Migraine is a complicated neurological disorder that affects each person differently. You should choose the pillow that works for you and is not harmful to your health. Also, check whether the pillow has any chemical smells that might trigger a migraine.

In addition to a cooling pillow, you may also use a cool compress to alleviate the pain of a hot migraine. While cold therapy can help relieve migraine pain, it is not the most effective way to reduce the pain. Most experts recommend using ice packs or cold compresses to reduce the temperature and prevent migraine attacks.

The right pillow for headache and migraine sufferers will ensure proper support and alignment of your neck and spine. This will reduce the irritation caused by the cervical nerve. It will also reduce pain in your neck and back. The best pillow for headache and migraine sufferers will also be soft and conforming to your head.

Another pillow to help with headaches and migraines is a buckwheat hull pillow. This pillow has a unique shape that keeps it in the correct position and reduces pressure on the neck and shoulders. Additionally, this pillow is hypoallergenic and washable. A buckwheat hull pillow will help you to sleep without neck or shoulder pains.

Some migraine sufferers prefer a pillow with a memory foam design. Memory foam contoured neck support pillows will mold to your neck and provide excellent support. However, some people do not like the smell that some memory foam pillows may give off, but it is easily eliminated with a quality pillow protector.

The best pillow for headaches is made of high-quality materials and is easy to use. It also contains a cold pack insert for added relief. This pillow is ideal for travelers since its shape and size make it convenient to use.